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‘A community cannot be a community without a shared narrative’


Community is central to Persona’s ethos and runs through every element of each of our projects. From the locations we work in to our method of devising theatre it is what keeps things interesting and allows us to create depth and relevance in each performance, giving each of our cast and collaborators a sense of ownership and connection to their work.

Each of our performances is created organically through a series of workshops open to communities linked to our venue. We aim to invite as diverse a group as possible offering a realistic cross-section of society and the community local to our host site.


Through storytelling, play, improvisation, dance and role-play, members of the local community work alongside each other, the director and experienced performers and designers to create a theatre show that springs from and is created for a specific place and its community.


Devising Theatre

Our shows are co-created through devised theatre techniques and we invite a diverse and intergenerational group (18+) to get involved.


Our projects define a space for encounter and help to forge social and creative networks. Each project forms the focus of personal and collective exploration and creation, where each participant is integral 

to the creation of the final piece.

Open Calls

Persona Collective is in constant flux - we rely on the participation of communities specific and local to each venue to develop and stage performances. Each venue that hosts our projects becomes a meeting, rehearsal and performance space for a new community of amateur and professional creatives and performers. 


We warmly welcome people from all backgrounds, cultures and abilities including Black, Asian and minority ethnic/POC, refugee, D/deaf, disabled, neurodivergent, working class and/or LGBTQI+ to this space. 


During our programme you will:

  • gain access to an experimental, online platform for creative collaboration where we will share videos, soundtracks, mood boards, storyboards and documentation

  • forge new creative and social networks

  • participate in weekly devised theatre workshops at the host venue

  • learn acting and dance techniques and choreography

  • perform in the final show at the host building of the current production


If you would like to be involved in one of our future projects, please keep on eye on this page and our Instagram @persona_collective for our next open call or sign up to our newsletter (mail-chimp link)

''As a performer and artist, working with Persona Collectie was as challenging as it was rewarding. Being able to collaborate with such a professional, committed and visionary art collective (...)"

                                                        - Charly Monreal

"Performing with Persona Collective was a highly personal journey, one that pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me in ways I could never have imagined (...)."                              

                                                          - Emily George

"The Halfway House production that I participated in was an incredible culmination of creativity, sensitive direction and experimental choreography. Persona Collective succeeded in creating a production that had many layers and metaphors (...)."                                                                                         - Georgia Leefe                                                                      

"I am incredibly proud to have been part of The Halfway House. The creative team at the core of Persona Collective is a brilliant reunion of artists and makers. Being collaborative, the creative process is very generous and fertile but nonetheless demanding in quality, content and commitment (...)"

                                                                - Melanie Gautier                                                      

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