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Environmental Sustainability


Our Statement

Persona Collective is committed to promoting environmental sustainability in everything we do.

Wherever possible, we try to commit to the highest standards of sustainable operation in our activities

and to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment. We endeavour to continually improve

our environmental performance, and aim to achieve standards that exceed minimum levels required by legislation and general codes of practice.


We work to build thought patterns that consider our environmental impact at every stage of our work – from planning and project management to delivery and evaluation. We ask everyone involved with Persona to be mindful of the following:

1. Planning Projects with the Environment in Mind

  • We aim to integrate the consideration of environmental concerns and impacts into all of our business decision making and activities.

  • All project plans address its environmental impact.

  • We aim to meet or exceed all environmental legislations that relate to Persona Collective

2. Our People 

  • Our individual and collective actions have real impact on the environment. Our aim is to build thought patterns into our everyday work that consider environmental impact of our work.

  • We are committed to employee awareness and training.

  • We celebrate environmental responsibility among our employees / collaborators and encourage them to work in innovative ways and share ideas for environmentally accountable projects.

3. Our Physical Environment and Energy Usage

Our physical environment is the places and spaces in which we run workshops, programmes, projects, and productions. Persona Collective does not operate out of permanent premises. Often these are hired or borrowed spaces. Our control of environmental impact in this respect is somewhat limited, however, we can still:

  • Ask for environmental statements or policies from our partners to better assess our impact day-to-day.

  • Look to hire spaces that have solid green credentials that are in line with our own mission.

  • Be practical and effective in our workspaces to minimise environmental impact – e.g. conserve heat by shutting doors, and switch off electrical appliances and lights as soon as they aren’t needed.

  • Choose tap water over bottled water.

4. Transport

  • We recognise the serious implications of poor air quality for everyone.

  • Persona Collective encourages the use of public transport wherever possible.


5. Consumables

  • Persona Collective uses FSC certified paper/card and double-sided printing wherever possible.

  • We look to partner with ethical and environmentally conscious suppliers.

  • Recycled materials from sustainable sources are chosen wherever they are available.

  • For printed media, we value quality over quantity and will avoid over-ordering on printed media.


  • We do not require major set/prop production because our work is site-specific and uses found space and found objects, relying on performance, light, sound and live music to enhance found spaces. 

  • We do not print documents where they are not needed. Digital copies of documents are the default.

  • Equipment rental by companies based a maximum of 3 miles away from our location. 

  • Where it is practical, we will re-use, up-cycle, or gift textiles to play centres, schools, or charity shops.

  • We will not knowingly buy materials from producers who employ sweatshop conditions in their manufacturing processes. 

  • 90% of our lighting and sound equipment is rented or borrowed. We encourage the use of only LED lights and art installations materials are made by re-using materials from past productions or recyclable. 

  • Minimising the carbon footprint of business travel by committing to low-emission or no carbon transport. Most of our creatives travel by bike to the host building in each of our productions and participants are locally based, so they walk to our premises. 

  • Where alternatives are available, we are committed to avoiding the purchase of non-recyclable and single-use plastics.

  • We expect staff to use re-useable coffee cups and water bottles and promote their use to others.

  • Where plastics cannot practically be avoided, we make every effort to use recycling facilities.

  • We look for sustainable/local/ethical providers when we provide refreshments and/or catering at events or sourcing staff meals by cooperating with local shops and hospitality businesses who can provide food that would otherwise be wasted. 


6. Recycling and Waste Management

  • We are committed to careful disposal of our waste and are mindful of our contributions to landfill.

  • Where practical, we recycle, re-use, and compost our waste. 

  • We actively promote recycling both internally and among our customers and suppliers.


7. Monitoring and Investing in Future Practice

  • We have a commitment to collect and evaluate data on our environmental impact for each and every project we undertake. 

  • Reflecting on this, we can continually improve our efficiency and deliver maximum benefit directly to the young people we work with and the wider community.

  • We will communicate our environmental commitment to our partners and collaborators and encourage them to support it.

  • We are committed to continual improvement and will review our environmental performance annually. Date Reviewed: June 2022 Next Review Date: June 2023

You can also read our environmental policy for further information on what we are doing at Persona Collective to meet our environmental targets. 

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