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The live show of 'The Halfway House'

Originally, the show was going to be designed to allow the audience to follow their own route around the spaces, entering and exiting scenes as they pleased. As soon as Covid- 19 hit, it became clear that this would not be feasible and we’d need a very controlled environment and set of interactions.


So, we designed the show as three parallel storylines to keep audience members in their own ‘bubbles’ and separate from one another. You had to buy tickets in ‘bubbles’ of up to three people from the same household and could choose to ‘Follow the Maids’, ‘Follow The Resident’ or ‘Follow The Porter’. So each group would experience the show simultaneously, but following separate characters and storylines along different routes. In three large spaces the storylines overlapped momentarily and the characters and audiences all met, albeit from afar, before being led off in different directions again.
Coordinating the routes and timings for the three storylines took a lot of work.

Photography - Karolina Burlicowska 

Cinematography - Finn Boxer

Maids route - shot from the dome at CSM
Screenshot 2021-01-10 at 21.15.07.png
Screenshot 2021-01-10 at 20.58.53.png
Blue Room.jpeg